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What is a competition

The architectural competition is a procedure based in the evaluation and ranking of the conceptual merit of works in architecture and urban planning, and in most cases in order to select projects for further services contracting. The specificity of these competitions is mostly based on certain principles, among which are the anonymous selection based on quality criteria, promotion of a critical reflection on the issues involved and a healthy competition based on the free and democratic access to project services, ensuring opportunity for all architects. It is a contracting model with undeniable advantages because of the range of responses and views about a particular issue.

How much does it cost

The number and value of the prizes is not fixed by any parameter, being set free by the promoter and established to reward the human and financial effort that is required to applicants.

How much time does it take

All competitions have at least 3 phases: preparation of the procedure, proposals submission and Jury evaluation. The duration of each phase depends on several factors such as the size and complexity of the program, the availability of the necessary information, the number of elements required to applicants, the number of proposals received, etc. It can be estimated an average between 120 and 150 days.

What is the purpose

To contract architecture services based on criteria of project quality and suitability of the project team.

How to proceed

The competitions advisory service of OA-SRS is the Portuguese entity with more experience and qualifications to support architectural competitions, having participated in hundreds of successful competitions promoted by private and public entities covering a wide range of scales and programs. Its tasks includes:

  • - Management of administrative competition proceedings;;
  • - Appointment of jurors;
  • - Providing an extensive documentation to support all stages of the procedure;
  • - Technical and legal support throughout the procedure;
  • - The extensive divulgation of the procedure in their media;
  • - Support the organization of conferences and exhibitions.

To request the support of OA-SRS for a competition or seek clarification, please contact the service by filling out the form bellow, by +351213241164 or by email

What is the purpose

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