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Sobre o Serviço de Concursos da OA-SRS

About competitions advisory service


The competitions advisory service of OA-SRS is the Portuguese entity with more experience and qualifications to support architectural competitions, having participated in hundreds of successful competitions promoted by private and public entities covering a wide range of scales and programs.

This service deals with issues related to the acquisition of architecture projects, making the link between the developers and architects. The work includes:

Advising public and private entities in the organization and implementation of architecture competitions;

Monitoring procedures launched by public authorities.

At the same time, in close collaboration with other national and regional structures of the Association of Architects, contributes actively and permanently to the reflection on the legal and institutional framework of all issues related to the acquisition of architectural services.

Competitions advisory service

Advising public and private entities, to organize and conduct architecture competitions has several components:

Preparation of tender procedures held in dialogue with promoters and in compliance with the legislation, the rights and expectations of architects and society;

Appointment of judges for the evaluation of proposals, selected by their curriculum and proven experience in the specific area of ​​each program;

Monitoring and support the promoter and jury in the administrative process of the entire tendering procedure.

In addition, other services can be provide such as the centralization of the administration and processing of tenders, receipt and processing of requests for clarification, receive of the proposals, direct advice to juries, support in subsequent procurement procedures, disclosure procedures and results, support in the organization of conferences and exhibitions.

legal framework

Competitions advisory service


The Tender Service team of dedicated and experienced consultants provides technical support and expertise for each project with complete administrative management. In all its activity, the Tender Service also has the permanent experience of the Legal Department.